Down to Play

Down to Play is an inclusive indoor playground that aims to provide a fun and safe environment for children of all abilities. DTP features an expansive 3,500-square-foot playground packed with exciting play structures and a custom sensory room for kids who need a break. DTP is not just a place for kids with special needs but is designed to celebrate and embrace every child.

DTP has dedicated party rooms, perfect for birthdays or other celebrations. While the focus is providing a safe and inclusive space for children, DTP is committed to maintaining a comfortable environment for parents and guardians with free Wi-Fi and a coffee bar.

DTP embraces inclusivity, ensuring that all children can play, have fun, and feel like they truly belong. Come visit Dallas’s newest indoor playground for family-friendly fun, laughter, and PLAY.

6464 E. NW Hwy., Ste. 138
Dallas, TX 75214